About Us

Hello! My name is Katie, and I am so glad you are taking a few minutes to see how you can improve your health, and the health of your loved ones. I am a Christian, stay-at-home mother of 5 children (twin girls who are 9, and three little boys ages 6, 3, and 1 year). I am so blessed, and so grateful for all that the Lord has done for me and my family!100_3819

Our journey to living a healthier, more natural lifestyle began when our twin girls were diagnosed with severe egg and dairy allergies at the age of 4 months. They suffered from severe eczema & cradle cap, swelling, “ear-infections”, and rashes that covered them from head to toe. After several misdiagnosis from doctors, thankfully we were led to a Children’s Hospital where they did multiple tests to discover that our little girls were highly allergic. It was very strange to me, because I was nursing them. I had never heard of children being allergic to their mother’s milk.

Anyhow, a long story short…..the allergies of our girls have caused us to read labels, labels, labels, and more labels! Not just on food, but EVERYTHING! Lotions, bath soaps, sunscreens, toothpastes, etc. The more we read and researched, the more astonishing it was to us the kinds of things that are in our food, medicines, cosmetics, and vaccines! Thus, our journey continues to try to make wise 100_4830choices to help support our health and that of our kids!

Thank-you for your time. Please feel free to browse our site for information on how Young Living oils and supplements can help support you, and a vibrant life! May your journey to making wise, informed decisions regarding your family be prosperous!