How Do I Decide Which Oil Company is Best for My Family?

QUESTION: I have seen other essential oils on the market claiming to be pure and of high quality.  What makes Young Living oils different?  What clues should I look for when evaluating other oils?yl 100

ANSWER: We recommend that you do a little homework.  Here are some questions to get you started:

  • How many years has the company been working with essentials oils?
  • Does the company own and operate its own essential oil research farms?  If so, how many farms?
  • Is the company proficient in distilling oils?
  • Does the company offer a broad enough offering to take care of your health needs?
  • Does the company test essential oils to ensure that there are no adulterations? Do they use in-house labs to test each batch?  Do they use independent labs to validate their own findings?
  • What does the company do in its processes and procedures to guarantee accurate plant identity and oil purity?
  • Does the company routinely visit its suppliers to ensure the best manufacturing practices are followed?
  • What peer-reviewed research has the company published? Have they tested their oils in clinical settings?
  • If the company claims its products are “certified,” specifically which essential oil experts have certified it?
  • How has the company established its oil standards? How do they know they are selling oils containing the right amounts of constituents to be effective?
  • Are the company’s oil standards based on their own library of thousands of researched articles, thousands of essential oil gas chromatograph tests, and data from hundreds of thousands of user experiences?
  • Does the company have in-house expertise and commitment to quality assurance?

In my opinion, Young Living has the BEST oils! Do your research, and YOU decide!  I am completely confident in Young Living’s commitment to providing quality Therapeutic-Grade Oils for me and my family.

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